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  The 60th World show will be held at Palais Des Congres,

  Et D’Expositions, D’Aguadulce,Spain, 20/1/12-22/1/12.





 After attending the 60th World show in Almeria,Spain,I decided at the last minute not to take my four corona hens which I had entered ,the reason being that I felt I needed these birds for the breeding season,which is more important to me,after seeing what birds were getting the highest points I think I made the right decision,I felt there was some very poor birds getting big marks and they were all from Spain.Teresa Crespo from Portugal won gold with a wonderful Stamm team and my friend Pino Trovato had a wonderful Consort which only scored 88pts,how they come to that score I do not no.





Sterfano Cauti (Italy) Pino Trovato (Italy) Myself and Fabrizio Ioppolo (Italy) at the world show in Spain.