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After attending the 63rd World Show,Autotron,Rosmalen,  Hertogenbosch, Holland. I was not too happy with the points which my birds scored,I felt the coronas were as good as any in the H/V class yet only scored 89 pts each,in the consorts my birds only got 88 pts but fair enough whan I saw the birds which beat them I could accept this as they were all bigger bodied birds.Overall the standard in my opinion was not as good this year as other world shows,but some top breeders did not show and the good glosters from Turkey were not allowed into Holland due to not having the right vets paper work.I do feel that some of the judges do not no what a top gloster is maybe its time to say you have to keep the breed.




Wprld Show Holland 014

” World Show “Buff Corona Cock Holland 89 pts.