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        The 61st World show will be held in,

        Hasselt,Belgium,from 23/1/13 to 27/1/13.


  I attended the 61st World show in Hasselt,Belgium,taking 9 birds to the show,I took my four best corona’s which I had bred in 2012 along with five birds which for the first time I was able to enter birds in the 100% clear classes.I took three clear consorts and two clear corona’s,these birds were not to good birds yet just to show what I no all these birds turned out to be my biggest points scoring birds getting 89 pts.My four buff corona’s which I had high hopes for or at least getting good marks turned out to be the opposite and all got very poor marks of 87pts and 88 pts,but at least I no what let them down as the judge’s tell you on their score sheet you get and it was once again lack of body,so all I have to do is get more body onto the birds.Overall there were some very good winning birds,Ludo Leaners from Belgium had a first class team winning two gold and a bronze and my friend from Italy Fabrizo got a gold and bronze with a very nice stamm of corona’s,Jean Davigion from Belgium also won gold with a stamm team of corona’s,but there were some very nice birds from Belgium breeders which got nothing,so I am not to worried,overall it was a very good show of gloster,I just wish I could get some more from the UK to show.


                 Pino Trovato from (Italy) meets fellow gloster breeders from the UK

                                              and Canada at the World Show in Belgium.