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  After attending the 59th World Show held at the

Parc Des Expositions,Tours,France on 28/1/11-30/1/11,I was very pleased to see one of my corona hens score 90 pts for the first time at a world show,this hen has done very well at two other COM shows.The rest of my four corona’s all scored 88pts but I think they should have got more.All my five consort cocks also got 88 pts which I think was not a fair mark,but its down to the judge.I felt the best birds were benched by miles were from Fabizio Ioppolo of Italy,he had a wonderfull stamm team which won gold and also individual birds which were out of this world.

His birds seemed to have everything,first class feather quality,powerfull birds,but small at the same time,he had one Blue Corona Hen which was just about perfect.Also Marc De Kyser from Belgium had a stamm team of consorts which won gold which were just about perfect,my only fault was they lacked colour,but thats a english thing.My good friend from Belgium Rik Spilleeben also benched some first class birds which got him medals.Over all some very good glosters,you may think you have good birds at home but get out with these breeders then you will see how good your birds are.I can see the next country to come to the fore with there birds are from Turkey,they also had some wonderful birds.


        Myself,         Robbie Wright,       Fabrizio Ioppolo. (Italy).      Sterfano Cauti. (Italy).