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World Show 2008

Report from World Show 2008                          

World Show 2008

World Show 2008

After attending the world show in Hasselt, Belgium I was pleased to see that my five Coronas entered all scored good points. Four scored 88 points and one, a Corona hen, got 89 points. I felt that this little hen should have got more points, and when I saw the result sheet I found that the bird lost points for size and condition. This I couldn’t understand as the Gloster is supposed to a diminutive bird (small!). Perhaps the person judging didn’t know that.

I also couldn’t understand how this bird lost points for condition especially when all the birds seemed to be in first class condition, but you have to accept what the judge has awarded. I did however feel that this bird was worth more points. I also got some very good feedback from Belgium Breeders so this made me feel a bit better.

Once again I entered my five Consorts. One scored a respectable 89 points but the others let me down with one 88 points, two 87 points and one 86 points. The good thing for me was that an English judge from Gibraltar was judging this section, so I was able to ask him about the points, he was able to tell me it was because they were too small.

Overall out of classes of over 200 birds I think I didn’t do too badly as there were some very good birds on show and I also met some very good breeders from all over the world.

So now it’s onto the next World Show in Piacenza, Italy for 2009. All I want is a good breeding season with one special bird. That’s all it takes.  





 Richard Lumley “UK”, Maurice O’Conner “Eire”,

            Avi Rubens,”Israel”.