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How to stop Mite

My biggest tip to help fellow people in the canary world is “How to stop MITE”.

For the last seven years I have not had mite in my shed. Why you may ask? Well I take the following steps every year and I think I prevent the mite before they come.The first step is cleanness, your shed has to be clean,next step is that at all times you have to be on your guard every day for the mite,these are air born so they could come in on you. First one month before I pair up I powder every bird with Ardap mite “Powder”,you cannot buy this in the UK it contains pyrethrum (I use a different powder every time I powder a bird). Then again two weeks after I repeat the powdering of my birds with either “Py powder” or Battles Louse powder. Next I stick my nest felts into my nest pans with industrial carbolic soap, my nest pans are all clay as I think they help the nest to breath. I put part of a block of soap into warm water, wait until the soap goes soft then I wet one side of the nest felt and paste the soap on the felt then stick it to the pan. A day before I put the nest pan into the stock cage I spray the whole nest pan and felt with Ardap spray, this alone has a six week life in it.Do not at any cost spray your birds with the Ardap spray it is for cages only.


When the hen birds are finished laying their clutch of eggs before I put the real eggs back I put a lightbulb into the pan and then I put some of the mite powder into the nesting material. Also, every three days I put garlic powder in the birds egg food.

When people ask me how many mite I have add this year I reply that I breed canarys, not mite, and I breed over 150 young birds from 30 pairs every year. All I can say is that the system works for me so why should it not work for you? If this advice helps just one breeder then I feel it will have been worth it.

 Mineral/Grit Block.

In 2005 at the World Show in Germany I came across some Mineral/Grit blocks which seemed to have all the right stuff in them so I brought some home and used them on my Hens plus young birds.They seemed to help my birds no end so I got some more at the next world show and found giving them to young birds they seemed to go mad for them.It has taken me two years to find an agent in the UK who stock this firms stuff and they have told me they can get me the blocks,even though they are for pigeon’s my birds love them, and I would recommend them to any body else.