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Best Champion Flighted Consort in Show,IGBA 19/10/2016.





My greatest achievement in my gloster career being given my converyours award by Carlos Romao at the World Show in Portgual,but the one thing I will never forget is the wonderful reception I was given by my fellow converyours,it made me feel so humble,and I thought no one like us Brits,just shows I was wrong.THANK YOU all.

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Fabrizo and myself at the world show,Porto,2016.




New Badge 002

Gloster Pin Badge a gift from my friend Barbara Gray from the USA.


USA National Best in Show Winner  Jan Davie (Gloster).20/11/14.

NCBS 2014 With Judge (2)

66th National Cage Bird Show,Dayton Ohio,20-11-2014.  Gloster Breeders.

Regina McCarthy.Jan Davie.(Show Winner).Richard Lumley.(Judge). Barbara Rosario.


IGBA show 2014 Gloster finest breeders  from Italy and myself.



Rik,Cathrine and my self at the IGBA show 2014.



Fabrizzio, myself and Sterfano at the 62nd world show,Bari,Italy. Jan 26th 2014.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Martin Fairfield.myself and Dave Thomas at the Malta Gloster Breeder’s Show 22nd Nov 2013 632 birds.


The four Tenors at the IGBA show Oct 2013.

  My self with Fabrizzio Ioppolo (Italy) at the World Show,Hasselt,Belgium.Jan 27th 2013.



     Pino with fellow gloster breeders from the UK and Canada at the World Show,Hasselt,Belgium, 27th Jan 2013.



Vist to the stud of Rik Spillebeen (Belgium) with friends from Germany and UK.

80 ” ItalGabbie” cages all now up and runing.

  Myself & Dereck Moore (UK) with judge Fabrizio Ioppola (Italy) and fellow Gloster Breeders from Italy at the IGBA  All Gloster Show,20-21 Oct 2012.

Richard Lumley (Com-UK President), Salvatore Cirmi (Com President) Ghalib Al-Nasser,

Carlos Ramoa (Com Assistant Sec) and Dino Pocecco Sec of Italian Budgerigar

Society,at the world show,Alermia,Spain,2012.




Sterfano Cauti (Italy). Pino Trovato (Italy). Myself. Fabrizio Ioppola (Italy) at the 60th World Show,Spain.


Myself with Eleonora Dal Santo of ItalGabbie at Reggio Emilia 19/11/11.        


Ital Gabbie Italy’s finest cage maker are the cages which my birds are breeding in for 2012.

website.     www.italgabbie.com


Myself with fellow IOA members from Gibraltar ar Reggio Emilia,Italy.


Rik Spillbeen (Belgium) Ken Rix, Fred Rix and myself.






IGBA All Gloster Show Judge’s 15th Oct 2011.

Joaquim Lopes,(Portugal),Robbie Wright,Nick Barrett,Richard Lumley,Dave Hobart.







Garry Mann,   Myself (COM-UK)    Maurice O’Conner,   Peter Sherlock.(COM Eire) at the conveyours party,World Show, Tours,France ,2011.



Myself,      Robbie Wright (UK)         Fabizio Ioppolo (Italy)       Sterfano Cauti (Italy).

At the 59th World Show,Tours,France. 28/1/11-30/1/11.


Myself with a cool drink in Rome 2010.


English speaking World Show Converyor’s on there day out at the Sandymans Port Distillery,Porto,Portugal.2010.

Myself with some of the best gloster breeders and world champions form Italy at the World Show in Portugal 2010.Latest World Champion is dear Pino Trovato.

Fabizio Ioppolo (Italy)            myself,   Angelo Ronchi (Italy).


Myself and Kathy with Nick Barrett at the Kings Lynn night out Dec 2009.


After attending the 17th Gouden Ring show held at the Expo-Schiervelde,Roselare,Belgium on 5/6th Dec 2009.I am very proud to be the first ever English gloster breeder to exhibit birds at this wonderful show.With lots of so called big named gloster breeders in the UK the honour has fallen to me.My team of birds all did very well and I got one corona cock acheive 90 pts and seven corona’s all scored 89 pts,the difference between the winner which got 93 pts and my birds was very little indeed.I will be back at this show next Dec for another go because this is one show which should not be missed.


Myself with Dirk Dumon,Gouden Ring Secretary been given a IOA-COM-GB pin.