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Richard Lumley’s Gloster Canary Environment

My Shed

My Shed

My shed is a brick building which I built myself. It is 20ft long by 12 foot wide and is fully insulated so that in cold weather the room temperature never drops below freezing point. I never use heat but I do use artificial light with full spectrum light bulbs as the building faces North and gets no sun at all. I do leave my lights on all day and in the breeding season that’s 15 hours.

In my shed I have 140 cages which are 14″ x 12″, in which I house up to 35 pairs of birds. I like to breed just in pairs as this is the way I have had the most success. I have tried to breed one cock with two or three hens but this has not been as successfull for me as sticking to pairs.

I start to condition my birds from the middle of December giving them eggfood, condition seed,breedmax and increasing the light each week until March 14th when by then I have 15 hours of light. By this time the birds are in condition. The reason I do this is because I show at the World Show each year and you have to start breeding early so as by the end of the year (i.e. next January) your young birds are like adults. I have noticed that by the time the warm weather comes around and I have finished breeding, other breeders are having trouble in their sheds with all sorts of problems. So is the best time to breed when it’s not warm?In “2007” I bred 165 young birds from 30 pairs.In “2008” after I had cut my breeding stock down to 20 pairs I bred 70 young birds.In “2009” I am again breeding from 20 pairs,once again I have managed to breed 70 young birds,for the first time I have bred 1 fawn corona,1 cinnamon corona and 4 cinnamon cosorts,4 blue corona’s,5 blue consorts and 1 yellow corona so I have got a better choice of bird to look at.My breeding with Trio’s did not work for me and in the second round I gave the idea up,I don’t blame the birds I think its me.

In “2010” I have bred 80 young birds from 20 pairs,some are looking very nice birds but the moult will tell if they are to be winners.

The “2011” breeding season has been a very strange one for me,I wanted this year to pair my birds up a month later than I normally have done,but my birds told me different and they were all ready to breed by the first week in March.So I got most of them producing young and I managed to get 60 birds onto the perches in one round,this is were fate took over and just as I was getting ready for the second round my wonderful mother suddenly died,this knocked my end in and as I would not have the time to spend with my birds at this crucial time I decided to stop them from breeding and finished with what I had got,I will now have to wait for the moult to see if any of them are any good or not.There is more to life than birds.

The “2012” breeding season did not go according to plan,I got off to a early start and by the middle of April I had 50 young on the perches,then for some unknown reason I never bred another young bird,all the pairs just like gave up,they all seemed to go out of condition,I think the weather played a part but there has got to be a bigger reason for this.I am very pleased with what I have bred and have got some very nice birds only problem is I have got only 10 coronas and 40 consorts and all seem to be cocks.I am sure I can get a few on the show bench out of these.

The “2013 ” season went fine got off to a very good start with the first round,got 55 on the perches second round did not go so good and I only managed another 25 birds,but I think this is down to the parents mucking about,and I do not have three rounds as I think you have already got the best young.Some nice looking consorts so will see after the moult.

The  “2014 ” season again got off to a wonderful start had all the pairs down on eggs by mid March and managed to get 60 young onto the perches.Then when the 2nd round started I did take notice the weather came very warm and the birds did not want to go back to breeding and I only got 5 in this round.But after the moult I have got some super corona’s which is pleasing.One good thing about all my birds is they are all very good feeders.I used this Pearle Morbie from Italy,at the moment I cannot say if it did or did not do any good,so will try it again in 2015.

The “2015” season was another good one with 80 % success rate from my pairs,I only had around 5/6 pairs who did nothing and so out of 20 pairs which I put down I breed 65 young out of one round so did not bother with a 2nd round and as I felt I had enough young birds.I did use the Pearle Morbie but once again cannot say if it did any good.Once the young birds had moulted out some nice birds came out of them and I kept quite a lot for my 2016 breeding stock.

“2016” I started breeding one month early than I normally do due to going away on holiday,and this was a huge success,I had 20 pairs sat on eggs when I went away and the next day I got back I had 15 pairs all hatch chicks which was perfect timing,again 5 pairs did nothing.I used this time for the first time a product from Belgium which controled the birds guts and this seems to have worked also I used his condition powder,I got again 70 birds from one round and that was enough for me.A again I can see my birds improving better balanced birds a little bit bigger in the body





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