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The photo’s on this page are of my friends and birds bred by them from Italy.      






 Richard Lumley (Com-UK President) ,Salvatore Cirmi(Com President),Ghalib Al-Nasser,

 Carlos Ramoa (Com Assisatant Sec),and Dino Pocecco (Sec of Italian Budgerigar

  Society) in Alermia,Spain,2012.



 Luigi Ferraro (Fife Breeder)       Myself,           Sergio Palma ( Salantino Canary Breeder)

  At the world show in Almeria,Spain. 2012.

      H.V.Corona Hen bred by Pino Trovato.                                                                         








Gold Medal winner,Portugal.2010.








 Yellow Corona bred by Pino.








 Pino and Richard Lumley at the IGBA All Gloster Show 15th Oct 2011.












                   Pino with Best Consort Napoli All Gloster. 2010.


             Pino’s Best Gloster at Bologna 2011.










     Antonio Pappalardo,Riccardo Pappalardo,Margaret and Dereck Moore & Pino,

    at the Napoli All Gloster 2010.