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24th Gouden Ring Show,3/4 Dec 2016.

Gold Medal winning Consort Cock 94pts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     41











23rd Gouden Ring show 5/6 Dec 2015, 90pts Buff Corona Cock.                       41

P1110754 (3)


Silver Medal Winner at 20th Gouden Ring Show,Roeselare,Belgium, 1-2 Dec 2012.


International COM Show,Maromme,France, 22-23 rd Oct 2011.


Gold Medal Winner.         Buff/Variegated Corona Hen.

Silver Medal Winner.       Buff/Variegated Corona Hen.                                            

Bronze Medal Winner.    Buff/Variegated Corona Hen.







Silver Medal Winner at the 18th Gouden Ring Show,Roeslare,Belgium,4-5 Dec 2010.           







At the International Festival COM show,Rouen,Normand,France,on

23-24th Oct 2010,I became the first gloster breeder from the

“UK” to win a gold medal in over 40 years,last time was 1970.                                              









Best “UK”‘s exhibitor at the 58th World Show,Matosinhos,Portugal.                                              









Best “UK” Exhibitor at the 17th Gouden Ring Show,Roselare,Belgium,5-6Dec 2009.








Best “UK” Exhibitor at the 56th World Show,Hasselt,Belgium 32-27 Jan 2008.




Best “UK” Exhibitor at the 57th World Show,Piacenza,Italy.22-25 Jan 2009.