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Gloster Canaries

Welcome to Richard Lumley, “Classic Gloster Team UK.”

Hi, my name is Richard Lumley and I live in the heart of  North Yorkshire, England.

I’ve been breeding Gloster Canaries for 26 years. My stud of glosters is made up from two well known breeders from Belgium, Rik Spilleeben and Marc De Keyser,I am happy that I have now got birds with very good feather quality and type, from the two breeders.

It has taken a lot of time and hard work to get my stud of birds up to a high standard of diminutive birds.Trying to get feather quality and type has not been easy.I now feel that I have got both ot these in my birds.People tend to forget that the gloster is a type canary and as such,they are to be a to be a small bird.

All my birds are bred by me in my shed and are all close rung with COM ID Coded colour of the year rings, and in my opinion all breeds of birds should be compulisory close rung.As certain sections of the Canary Council are totally against close ringing I wonder why? I ask,what is the problem when the whole of Europe are for it.

To date I have shown at the last 12 world shows and have had four bird’s reach 90 points which is now 3 point’s off a medal. I hope to achieve a medal at the next world show in Cesena,Italy,in 2018.

Please feel free to email me if you require any information on how to show at a world show on my address which is   ruby@lordlumley.plus.com
Thank you for visiting my website.

Richard Lumley.                                                                                 

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